Dataran Mantin Owner recieve honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters

Tang Chai Yoong (丁才荣), received honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Troy University of Alabama US on May 2007. (For detail check snapshot or url)

Institut Putra, sometimes called Putra International College, which is one of the many companies owned by Tang Chai Yoong, is the partnership of Troy University. It’s not clear whether the Doctorate is honored to him as a recognization for Tang’s contribution to society or simply a souvenir to a business partner.

Whichever it is, Tang may have publicize himself in Alabama as someone totally different with what we Malaysian know.
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LagendaGroup.Blogsome Reborn Again??

What happen to the popular web site? This is the question many people ask. Well, I can only explain half of it.

The site was “deliberately removed by an administrator”. Whatever that means, you can check Blogsome forum. Privately, I have email a few time to Blogsome for a reason but they fail to give even a single explanation. Continue reading

Who is who in Lagenda Group & Dataran Mantin?

Someone I know receive phone call from Kolej Lagenda’s so call “education facilitator”, offering a place in Kolej Lagenda. Just happen that my friend already know about Bandar Universiti Teknologi issue and she ask him about it.

“itu developer punya hal. Tak ada kena mengena dengan Kolej Lagenda…” (“That’s the construction developer’s matter. It got nothing to do with Kolej Lagenda management”), the education facilitator answer.

Oh really?

Hmm.. looks like it’s time to let everyone there know who is the big bosses behind all this.

First of all, know these two names :

TCYoongTang Chai Yoong ( 丁才荣 a.k.a Tang) &

OoiCSOoi Chong Seong(a.k.a Raymond Ooi).
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Somebody not happy about this blog.

(This post is originally at

Obviously somebody is not happy about this blog. And that someone have try to use his influence to make this blog flow away by the monsun drain of BUTL. Obviously, they think this is easier then facing hundreds of victim created by them. Continue reading

How "successful" this company is? Look at the list of companys under the same group.

Kolej Lagenda, Institut Putra (Melaka), Kumpulan Langkawi Resource, Dataran Mantin, Sri Nuri Development, Dataran Tronoh … Ever heard about any of the companys and institutes above ? Can you guess what do they have in common? Just because Pantai Lagenda delay the rental payment for 12 month not necessary mean that the company are facing financial problem.

Do a simple search by Google using key word (i)Dataran Mantin & (ii)Kumpulan Langkawi Resource, and this is the information that were gathered : Continue reading

Introduction : Nothing But The Truth

Dealing with Pantai Lagenda is not just a pain in the ass. It’s about the loss of my hard earn money.

The feeling through the process is nothing less but rage, depressd, and upset. My efforts is frustrated at every turns. Continue reading

More Info Regarding Legal Action To Dataran Mantin & Pantai Lagenda

The letter from legal firm Louis K.H Wong & Co, Pantai Lagenda(tm)s representative on this matter, proposal to pay 50% of outstanding Sum as full and final settlement.
Pantai Lagenda Refuse To Settle The Outstanding Rental Payment – Officially

For many people, taking legal action seem like the only choice.
Legal Action To Dataran Mantin

The overview of what a Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda apartment buyer think about the developer.
Pantai Lagenda – Why I said it(tm)s a fraud/scam

Advise about the nature of BUTL business. Everyone wish we have read this before.
National House Buyer Association article about Guarantee Return Scheme