Introduction : Nothing But The Truth

Dealing with Pantai Lagenda is not just a pain in the ass. It’s about the loss of my hard earn money.

The feeling through the process is nothing less but rage, depressd, and upset. My efforts is frustrated at every turns.

However, I know I’m just one of the hundreds (or may be more then thousand) victims of a well planned fraud. This fraud is constructed by developers who is back by lawyers. Their target victims is nobady but you, I and other people who is naive, probably first time purchase a house, and do not understand the twist and turn of the legal process. They get our hard earn money, enjoy their life, upgrade their social status and leave us crying hopelessly.

They think there is nothing we can do. They think we are a plate of dry sand and will never team together to make a great strike.

But I believe, if I unveil their true face, if I gather more facts then I currently know, if I make a platform for comminucation for all victim. Perhaps we can make some different.

At least, we can prevent others from falling into the same trap.

Hence the born of this blog.

I will put nothing but the truth.
I will put more facts than comments.
From the facts, others will understand what kind of developer they are dealing with.


11 responses to “Introduction : Nothing But The Truth

  1. Dear Lagenda Blooger,

    Thanks for reviving this blog. I am so happy to see it LIVE again. To surrender to evil, we will not!


  2. Hi,

    I am also one of the victims in the BUTL. I really appreciate what you are doing. May god bless you.

  3. Hi…My name is Patrick, I’m 1 of the victim like you guys, so glad to sit this blog. well done to Lagenda blogger. Yes, we must be united to take on this blood sucker. I’m having sleepless night over this… please, let ‘s do something.

  4. So happy to know all of the victims of BUTL fraud. I am a victim myself and feel do cheated. How this developer cheated us and sang all the way to the bank. It infuriates me to know such worms do exist. United we stand and let us sent silent prayers every day to win our case.

  5. I am a poor lady who bought the condo because I did not have to pay any deposit or lawyers fees. The rent was supposed to have taken care of the loan repayments. The bank lawyers even came to my working place to sign the documents.

  6. Organizer:
    How can I join you to claim justice? I would also call up the lawyers from the other blog to find out more…

  7. Hi everyone!!

    Pls dont suffer anymore. Please register yourself to the Group 4. Call this lawyer Ngeow and Tan at 03-62578796. They are going to start the group maybe this mth.

    Let the battle begin!!!

  8. try to come down to the first JMB as follows:
    3/4/08 @ 3 p.m. Multi Purpose hall, Sri Palma Villa. this JBM may be our platform to meet the developer. they’ve sending invitation letters along to our financial institution. this property has since be my worst investment so far. maybe we could ask Ngeow and Tan to come down.

  9. I received the letter for “Notice of first Meeting for Joint Management”. This meeting held on 04/04/2008 , 2.30pm at multi purpose Hall, Sri Palma Villa. Did anybody plan to attend this meeting ?

  10. Azman Badaruddin

    Miss Soo,

    We have the first JMB meeting yesterday (Apr. 3, 2008) and have selected the BODIES member. This is for Sri Palma Villa Block 1, 2, 3 and 6. There should be only one JMB meeting for this area of condos. Can you tell me which unit do you own? You may email it to me at

    For members of Block 1, 2, 3 and 6, we will have another meeting on April 20, 2008, same location at 1400 (2.00 pm). This meeting is to discuss on how JMB to function. We will select more member to be in the committee. This was supposed to be elected in the first JMB meeting but well, out of the attendance, only 5 wearing “red stickers” so we have no choice as following to the Act 663.

    I was “elected” to be the Chaiman of the bodies. New in this kind of situation, I really appreciate the support of all members, comments and also financial so to make sure our area in good, style living area.

    For those who have gone for court action, we say good luck but for those still remain in Sri Palma Villa, do email me your full name, unit number, contact number and email address. I believed that few of us are staying in the condos and most of us purchase it as an investment. So, the only way and cheapest way is to let you all knows of our activity is by email.


    Azman Badaruddin

  11. Never beleive with Wealth Way Management Sdn Bhd who does the taking over of the Kolej Lagenda house rental for Kolej Technology Lagenda from the individual owners, they are the same as Jendela Cherdik Sdn. Bhd who cheated the house owners from paying rental. Some of the house being move in by the Wealth Way Management with owner knowing and yet rental are not being paid from day one of taking over till todate. i urge all owner to see their houses and do necessary to prevent all this fraud stealing process.


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