How "successful" this company is? Look at the list of companys under the same group.

Kolej Lagenda, Institut Putra (Melaka), Kumpulan Langkawi Resource, Dataran Mantin, Sri Nuri Development, Dataran Tronoh … Ever heard about any of the companys and institutes above ? Can you guess what do they have in common? Just because Pantai Lagenda delay the rental payment for 12 month not necessary mean that the company are facing financial problem.

Do a simple search by Google using key word (i)Dataran Mantin & (ii)Kumpulan Langkawi Resource, and this is the information that were gathered :

The company under the same group including (but not limited to) :
(1) Institut Putra Sdn Bhd (476793-D), Melaka. Partnership with Troy University, USA.
(2) Dataran Mantin Sdn Bhd (239702-W)
(3) Multimedia Nervous system Sdn Bhd (513929-T)
(4) Vertex Choice Sdn Bhd
(5) Asynchro (M) Sdn Bhd
(6) Ample United Construction(M) Sdn Bhd (145786-W)
(7) Project Ara Damansara Commercial Complex with Service Apartments at Mutiara Damansara
(8) Proposed Project Bukit Tunku Artistic Rain Forest Resort in Bukit Tunku
(9) Sri Nuri Development Sdn Bhd (608973-M)
(10) Dataran Tronoh Sdn Bhd (629396-D)
(11) Dataran Capitol Sdn Bhd. (430255-M)
(12) Platinum Core Project – Bandar Baru Kota Putri, Johor bahru
(13) FLora Macra Sdn Bhd (654256-T)
(14) Thye Ye Insdustrial Sdn Bhd (182480-T)
(15) KLR Global Trade Sdn Bhd (634762-A)
(16) In Style Consolidate Sdn Bhd (606536-U)
(17) Sentosa Fibre Sdn Bhd (332780-T)

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About Kumpulan Langkawi Resource :

Kumpulan Langkawi Resource
# snapshot. (Click for larger view)


About property developement and project management :

Highlight from the page :
“Following its successful track record in Langkawi, the enchanting island of Malaysia, the Group since has achieved many “first” in Malaysia- notably from the advent of its Bandar University in Mantin which incorporates the integration of an education campus with property development. Sales for Bandar University was in excess of RM600 million. Currently, it has launched its Platinum Damansara project in a up-market area of Klang Valley with projected sales in excess of RM250 million.”
…….. they are so proud about their achievement in Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda Mantin….


About the back ground of Institut Putra :

Institute Putra
#snapshot (Click for larger view)


About Ample United Construction:

#snapshot (Click for larger view)


Multimdia Nervous System Sdn Bhd and it’s subsidiary.

# Snapshot (Click for larger view)


Project registered under Pertubuhan Artitect Malaysia:


Platinum Damansara:

Platinum Damansara is currently have been “re-branded” as Damansara Resort City or Platinum Resort City.


Platinum Core project, Johor Bahru:


Foot note :
Institut Teknologi Pertama, Kolej Lagenda Jati and Kolej Linton, together with Kolej Lagenda are called the “Lagenda Group Of College”. All of them are located at Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda, Mantin. However, base on the information from net, the former three colleges may have exist before the Bandar University Lagenda project. Therefore it’s not able to know whether there are actually under the same owner.


2 responses to “How "successful" this company is? Look at the list of companys under the same group.

  1. Yo dudes & dudees, we have all been waiting for someone who comes in with a magic wand & create some masterstrokes here and there.

    No doubt, this butl is an utter failure, but if you have gone to the shoplots lately, you would have noticed a corner lot that’s green in colour & has MEA Technology Centre signboard. Well, it seemed that some one has taken up an offer of cheap rental that is very, very affordable not only for themselves but also their students.

    Anyone happened to be a property owner who has found an agent to rent it out, please contact me. I think we need to stress certain things for an upcoming negotiation.

    Thank you all.

  2. ahmed mohmed ahmed

    i want to apply to study in this collge

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