Somebody not happy about this blog.

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Obviously somebody is not happy about this blog. And that someone have try to use his influence to make this blog flow away by the monsun drain of BUTL. Obviously, they think this is easier then facing hundreds of victim created by them.

3 weeks ago, if you do google search for “Kolej Lagenda”, “Lagenda Group”, “Kumpulan Lagenda”, etc, most probably you will get this blog as one of the search result, usually in the first page. However, you can no longer get to this blog by google search. Not even search for “pantai lagenda group kolej”. (try here)

This is because somebody have utilized the “flag as objectionable content” button in blogger to keep this blog out of the google index. ( well, if you interested in the technical detail, click here).

On the other hand, I have start a discussion thread at one of popular properties forum, Malaysia Real Estate (here is the site), just to let more people know about what happen at BUTL. After getting some response from the reader for one and a half month, the thread were totally deleted by the administrator.
Is it due to not relevant? No. Even thread with title “Download 2000 Arcade Game for free” still remain there.

I also notice that many people have file complaint at But recently, all complaint regarding Dataran Mantin have been deleted. One thing worth mentioned is that in that site you can read many consumer complain address to different company, with their name clearly displayed. Included in the list are Maxis,Maybank, Pizza Hut, Bekalan Air NS, and many more. What puzzle me is, what so special about Dataran mantin and BUTL that their name is not allowed on a complain portal?
(If you are free, you may want to give it a try. Submit a complain on this issue and see how long it last.)

What do you think? Political influence? or …….


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