LagendaGroup.Blogsome Reborn Again??

What happen to the popular web site? This is the question many people ask. Well, I can only explain half of it.

The site was “deliberately removed by an administrator”. Whatever that means, you can check Blogsome forum. Privately, I have email a few time to Blogsome for a reason but they fail to give even a single explanation.

I have two guesses. It’s either (1) Kolej Lagenda owner, which is also Dataran Mantin owner, had paid certain amount of money to Blogsome, or (2) the same person get his lawyer to send legal letter to Blogsome to threaten them on legal action.

Blogsome have provide a good service so far. However, it’s actual a very small company which is probably still struggler for survival. Therefore, either way, they had make a decision which they unable to speak out. In spite on this, Blogsome still help me up by email to me all the content of my blog, including the posts , images and comments. Even though it’s just a chuck of text files, without their help, there is no way I can re-construct this blog.

Anyhow, here we are. It’s reborn (AGAIN).

What I have done is :

(1) Copy all the post to the new host.

(2) Copy all the comment to the new host. Yes. it’s one by one copy paste job. I also re-edit the date to follow the original.

Some may notice that some comments have been changed to under different post. This is because I have to guest the comments location one by one and may have misplaced it.

(3) Rebuilt all the links and images.

One thing worth mention is, I have learn my lesson by now. I already know how to back up my blog. So, anybody try to shut us down again, he will end up like playing “hammering the pop up crocodiles” game.

Finally, my dear viewer, if you are happy to see my blog up again, please leave a few encourage sentences to me.

Then all my effort so far is worth.

Note :
Want to know more about the wilding road of this blog, check this post .


13 responses to “LagendaGroup.Blogsome Reborn Again??

  1. To : Lagenda Blogger,
    Keep up the good work.
    Do not let dataran mantin and Kolej Lagenda get away with this.

  2. Welcome back.
    Have been waiting for this moment !

    Dataran Mantin have done enough evil.
    They must pay for it.

  3. Hi,

    I am happy to see your blog up again.

    We must use the power of blog journalism to fight those unethical bullying companies that only know how to defraud and makan kecil.

    Power to bloggers!

  4. thanks to this blog. any action from you all, pls count me in. you will never walk alone.

  5. To : Lagenda Blogger,

    Never give up. Good things never end.

  6. yeah baby! i try so many time but still cant login to our blog!

    Feel good to reborn… if any IT technical need help kindly let me know, master in IT from local uni.

    tkx a lot my dear!!!! good job!

  7. Good job!!Good job!!Good job!! I ‘m your supporter… I do duplicate some of your old content and post it at For those who want to find out more on legal action.. can goto

  8. Keep it alive…make sure they pay for what they did

  9. I hv a lot of info on this bunch of crooks, can someone email me and I will provide the killer info..

  10. Yes…please send me more info on the hidden issues surrounding this college as I read on the internet. I was offered a corporate position with this group and I even met with the MD recently and he sounds like a very successful preson who has made it big in life but he like to talk in a way to put people down so I the real story behind him is yet to be explored. Please email me any valuable info that you know.

    Thanks and regards,

  11. PM (Penyu Menangis)

    To : Lagenda Blogger,

    No retreat, no surrender…..

    God will help us….believe in God the super power….He knows everything from beginnings untill last…..

  12. abdul rahman bin abd bakil

    saya amat kecewa atas usaha kolej lagenda untuk menangani masalah yang terlalu kecil ini …saya berharap kolej lagenda meningkat kan lagi mutu perkhidmatan untuk lebih maju lagi pada masa akan datang ..jika masalah kecil begini kolej lagenda tidak dapat menyelesaikan masalah apatah lagi jika soalan yang sukar untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini..
    ia memang saya berharap suatu hari nanti saya akan belajar di kolej lagenda tapi mara telah tolak tawaran saya ….tapi tak apa yang itu bukan rezeki saya …
    saya berharap kolej lagenda menitik beratkan masalah yang saya hadapi ini agar masalah ini dapat di selesaikan dengan secepat yang mana mungkin …

  13. Great Job, don’t quite we all got your back.
    By the way i’ve just taken some snap shot of the pantai lagenda’s office in pandan perdana.

    Their signboard infront of the office seems to have been torn down etc.

    Do contact me via email, i’ll be more than happy to distribute those photo to you.

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