Dataran Mantin Owner recieve honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters

Tang Chai Yoong (丁才荣), received honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Troy University of Alabama US on May 2007. (For detail check snapshot or url)

Institut Putra, sometimes called Putra International College, which is one of the many companies owned by Tang Chai Yoong, is the partnership of Troy University. It’s not clear whether the Doctorate is honored to him as a recognization for Tang’s contribution to society or simply a souvenir to a business partner.

Whichever it is, Tang may have publicize himself in Alabama as someone totally different with what we Malaysian know.

House of representatives of the legislature of Alabama describe him as” One of the top ten businessmen and philanthropists in Malaysia“. ( for detail check snapshot or url).

We all know the meaning of “top ten businessman in Malaysia”.

Whereas for “philanthropists”, the description in Wikipedia :
A philanthropist is someone who engages in philanthropy; that is, someone who donates his or her time, money, or reputation to a charitable cause. The term may apply to any volunteer or to anyone who makes a donation, but the label is most often applied to those who donate large sums of money or who make a major impact through their volunteering, such as a trustee who manages a philanthropic organization.

So, BUTL buyers, anybody out there feel like to congratulate him?


p/s :
(1)An honorary degree is an academic degree awarded to an individual as a decoration, rather than as the result of matriculating and studying for several years. An honorary degree may be (and often is) conferred by an institution that the recipient never attended. The degree itself may be a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree �” the last being by far the most common. Usually the degree is conferred with great pomp and ceremony as a way of honoring a famous or distinguished visitor’s valuable contribution to society. The university derives benefits by association with the person’s status and so enhances its networking and publicity.

(2)The degree of Doctor of Humane Letters is always conferred as an honorary degree, usually to those who have distinguished themselves in areas other than science (these normally receive the Doctor of Science), government (these often receive a Doctor of Laws degree), or literature (these often receive a Doctor of Letters degree).


5 responses to “Dataran Mantin Owner recieve honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters

  1. these guys must have conned troy university into believing that they are genuine professionals…..send all the complaints to troy university and then they will know the actual people that they are dealing with.

  2. PM (Penyu Menangis)

    i agree with u rizal…..send all the complaints to troy university and then they will know the actual people that they are dealing with.

    please do something…

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Eulogy!

  4. May be I am ignorant, is there such a University Troy? It is famous for what? Bad people will receive hell from what they did. I fully agreed wth Raja Petra, go to hell—-> these bastards!!!!

  5. it.s proud have colleges in malaysia….
    i visited legenda b4. i did few courses in famaous colleges in malaysia such as msu(kutpm), asa college, tafe, midas…
    the environmet in legenda is totally satisfies me….
    it’s good environment for those want study…n not for ppl who more towards entertainment…
    it’s good if can study there over there!

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