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Who is who in Lagenda Group & Dataran Mantin?

Someone I know receive phone call from Kolej Lagenda’s so call “education facilitator”, offering a place in Kolej Lagenda. Just happen that my friend already know about Bandar Universiti Teknologi issue and she ask him about it.

“itu developer punya hal. Tak ada kena mengena dengan Kolej Lagenda…” (“That’s the construction developer’s matter. It got nothing to do with Kolej Lagenda management”), the education facilitator answer.

Oh really?

Hmm.. looks like it’s time to let everyone there know who is the big bosses behind all this.

First of all, know these two names :

TCYoongTang Chai Yoong ( 丁才荣 a.k.a Tang) &

OoiCSOoi Chong Seong(a.k.a Raymond Ooi).
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Introduction : Nothing But The Truth

Dealing with Pantai Lagenda is not just a pain in the ass. It’s about the loss of my hard earn money.

The feeling through the process is nothing less but rage, depressd, and upset. My efforts is frustrated at every turns. Continue reading