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More Info Regarding Legal Action To Dataran Mantin & Pantai Lagenda

The letter from legal firm Louis K.H Wong & Co, Pantai Lagendaâ€(tm)s representative on this matter, proposal to pay 50% of outstanding Sum as full and final settlement.
Pantai Lagenda Refuse To Settle The Outstanding Rental Payment – Officially

For many people, taking legal action seem like the only choice.
Legal Action To Dataran Mantin

The overview of what a Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda apartment buyer think about the developer.
Pantai Lagenda – Why I said itâ€(tm)s a fraud/scam

Advise about the nature of BUTL business. Everyone wish we have read this before.
National House Buyer Association article about Guarantee Return Scheme


More Info About Kolej Lagenda a.k.a Legenda Group of Colleges

What other say regarding their experience with Kolej Lagenda , their education facilitator, their method to attract student, etc.
Kolej Lagenda Reputation

Some photos surround Lagenda Group of Colleges
Photos Sharing About Current Status Of B.U.Teknologi Lagenda.