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LagendaGroup.Blogsome Reborn Again??

What happen to the popular web site? This is the question many people ask. Well, I can only explain half of it.

The site was “deliberately removed by an administrator”. Whatever that means, you can check Blogsome forum. Privately, I have email a few time to Blogsome for a reason but they fail to give even a single explanation. Continue reading


Somebody not happy about this blog.

(This post is originally at

Obviously somebody is not happy about this blog. And that someone have try to use his influence to make this blog flow away by the monsun drain of BUTL. Obviously, they think this is easier then facing hundreds of victim created by them. Continue reading

Introduction : Nothing But The Truth

Dealing with Pantai Lagenda is not just a pain in the ass. It’s about the loss of my hard earn money.

The feeling through the process is nothing less but rage, depressd, and upset. My efforts is frustrated at every turns. Continue reading