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If you want to further study in Kolej Lagenda, under Lagenda Group of College, located at Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, this blog sure will give you some unofficial information for your consideration.

Kolej Lagenda Entrance

What do you know about Kolej Lagenda? If you come to this page by search engine, most probably you are looking for more information regarding this college.

Perhaps you have past though Mantin road a few time and notice a signboard for Lagenda Group of College. And you can see the big and new campus from far.

Or may be you had once gone near to the campus to have a look for curiosity. And you may end up wonder why there is more then 75% apartment empty around the campus.

However, most probably you have never heard about this college until you receive call from the promoter. Usually, the promoter promise a place for further study in Lagenda Kolej, with MARA Scolarship pre-approved.

So you probably already been informed that this Kolej located in Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda, near Mantin town, Negeri Sembilan, and have a good environment, beautiful campus, join venture with local university etc etc.
Can you believe all these “sales man talk”?

Why a private college able to pre-approve a MARA scholarship?How the promoter gets to know about you? These are questions that I unable to answer. However, if you read posts in this blog, you will surely agree with me that there is something suspicious about this company.

At the end of the day, if you still want to have any business with this company then I have to wish you good luck.

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